Eisfigur der Eiswelt Dresden – Skulpturenausstellung in der Zeitenströmung

„Fairytale in Ice“

open daily

23/11/2019 – 23/02/2020

10:00 – 18:00

(last entrance 17:30)

When you first step inside, the bitter cold tickles your nose
and a burst of light catches your eye.
As you advance farther, light and shadow, color and reflection
begin to reveal the magic of this unique art form.

„Welcome to Ice World Dresden!“

Eisfiguren Ausstellung 2018 – Eiswelt Dresden in der Zeitenströmung

Ice and Snow Sculpture Exhibition in Dresden

This winter, one of the world’s largest ice and snow sculpture exhibitions will be open for viewing at the Zeitenströmung industrial complex located directly off Highway B97.

Twenty-three international artists, including several world champions in ice and snow carving, will display masterpieces carved out of 250 tons of ice and 150 tons of snow.

Ice Giants

These works of art are up to seven meters high and weigh nearly eight tons each. They are giants carved from ice and shaped down to the tiniest detail.

To produce their sculptures, the artists worked with a total of 500 blocks of ice, varying in sizes at minus eight degrees Celsius. The preparation of these ice blocks took four months and were delivered from multiple countries. In a single week of strenuous work, the world’s best ice sculptors and the construction team brought these blocks of ice and snow to life.

Chainsaws, drills, chisels and hot irons were just a few of the tools they had at their disposal, making their work physically demanding with an ever-present risk of error.

Ice Sculptures for a Winter Wonderland

After seven days of carving, the figures are completed, shining, and magnificent. For the theme of a “Fairytale in Ice,” the twenty-three sculptors created scenes that bring the magic of ice and snow right into the capital of Saxony.

In addition to Christmas scenes, several sculptures depict famous Dresden monuments and historical figures.

We wish you a magical holiday season and look forward to welcoming you and your family to Ice World Dresden!